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Sundome!! Milky Way's Kazuki Funatsu Launches New Manga.

Anime News Network - 28 m 19 s ago

Funatsu launched fishing comedy manga Tsutte Tabetai Gal

Tomorrowland is offering DJ sets to aspiring young DJs under 18.

NME - 41 m 8 s ago

Their 2024 line-up includes DJ Archie, who's dubbed "the world's youngest DJ" at age nineThe post Tomorrowland is offering DJ sets to aspiring young

Apple, Meta have discussed an AI partnership, WSJ reports.

Reddit Technology - 51 m 46 s ago

submitted by /u/thepuri [link]

T at 42.

The Atlantic - 57 m 23 s ago

A poem for

Longest-serving Taiwanese top legislator on personal ‘pilgrimage’ to mainland China.

KMT veteran Wang Jin-pyng’s week-long visit may include meeting with Taiwan Affairs Office chief, Taiwanese media reports

"Vincent's Party," by Tessa Hadley.

The New Yorker - 58 m 19 s ago

Probably she'd get in trouble for this tomorrow, but she didn't care; she was too full of agitated happiness. Anything could happen between now and

Tessa Hadley on Channelling Postwar Britain.

The New Yorker - 58 m 19 s ago

The author discusses "Vincent's Party," her story from the latest issue of the

Tessa Hadley Reads "Vincent's Party".

The New Yorker - 58 m 19 s ago

The author reads her story from the July 1, 2024, issue of the

Republicans urge Trump to avoid 2020 debate pitfalls: 'Don't take the bait'.

The Hill - 58 m 19 s ago

Senate Republicans are urging former President Trump to avoid a repeat of his much-maligned debate performance against President Biden four years ago

Bridge: June 23, 2024.

San Jose Mercury News - 58 m 16 s ago

Preemption is a sword with two edges. Crowding the opponents' auction has undeniable benefits, and a disciplined preempt can help your partner make

Looking for the artwork for Trixie the next Debian release.

Reddit Technology - 58 m 5 s ago

submitted by /u/Doener23 [link]

My first cruise with my son was a nightmare. We lost power twice, had to shower with flip-flops, and couldn't make 2 of our destinations.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

Our cruise was an adventure, including two power outages, a bathroom that smelled terribly and not being able to make two ports. We still had

A millennial who made 6 figures working 2 remote jobs says it could help him retire by age 50 — but that overemployment wasn't worth the stress.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

A California millennial made six figures secretly working two remote jobs. But he said he's happy he's no longer

I went to Cracker Barrel and saw why the restaurant chain is 'not as relevant' as it once was.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

Cracker Barrel's CEO says it's lost relevancy with customers. I visited one and found mediocre food and and a restaurant in need of

Some homeowners are doing surprisingly badly, even as their homes grow more valuable than ever.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

Even homeowners are struggling with rising costs, as insurance premiums and home repairs

Don't skip that happy hour: Why losing work friendships is bad for everyone.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

Remote work has made it harder to preserve the "work spouse" and connect with coworkers. It could be bad

When I was younger, I ran marathons and toured Europe by bike. In my 70s, I now enjoy paddleboarding and yoga.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

In my 20s and 30s, I ran marathons and was competitive. Now that I'm in my 70s, I exercise differently. I focus on movement and enjoy

It's wild how many job listings might be fake.

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

Three in 10 employers have fake job postings, according to a Resume Builder survey. But sometimes phony listings can lead to real

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